What We Specialize In

Vi-Leon is a highly specialized staff augmentation firm that provides hiring managers with the resources they need to efficiently and effectively fill even the most niche consulting roles. Through deep industry knowledge and access to an exclusive network of Splunk consultants, our specialized recruiting team can successfully fill any consulting role within 24-48 hours.


Splunk Enterprise

Our independent Splunk Consultants have experience designing and implementing Splunk software solutions for businesses of all sizes.  We can help ensure that your Splunk services are properly implemented and meeting your company’s specific needs.

Splunk IT Services Intelligence (ITSI)

Our Splunk ITSI experts have experience onboarding new data sources, creating custom glass tables, mapping KPIs, and developing new KPIs to enhance your Operational Intelligence capabilities. With expertise in all major on-prem and cloud enterprise solutions, our network of architects can ensure that your Splunk service is being integrated seamlessly into your existing IT environment.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Our independent Data Science Consultants have expertise designing and implementing complex, customizable analytic tools and interactive dashboards for anomaly detection, time series forecasting, discovery of behaviors and the prediction of outcomes using advanced statistical methods, machine learning and Splunk AI.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Our independent consultants come from a strong background in cyber security and have focused their skills in Splunk projects over the years.  Vi-Leon has experts readily available to help with any aspect of your Splunk SIEM system.  Common areas we are asked to help with are Cloud Security, Security Dashboard Creation, Data Migrations, and more.

Splunk User Behavior Analysis (UBA)

Our network of Splunk Solutions Architects have experience ensuring that our clients UBA required data sources are properly coming in to UBA and are being normalized correctly. We also have a network of project management consultants to help track the progress of your UBA project and use cases.

Splunk Phantom

Once our clients decide to utilize Phantom, they are constantly finding value in hiring independent consultants to help guide them through the best practices for implementing Phantom.  Our network is well versed in deploying Phantom to Fortune 100 companies to maximize its automation capabilities.

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