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Our North Star

Every business should have a fundamental guiding principle, whether the theme in your content, an internal sentiment felt within the organization, or simply in its name. This north star helps guide companies and decide which direction to move towards.

As legend has it, Vi-Leon’s name represents two people. Viola is our north star and one of our founders’ grandmother. Whenever we are at a crossroads, Viola’s moral compass, our north star helps us find direction.

The other is Leon the grandfather of our other founder. He served in two wars, The Korean War and WWII, where he was in the Army and Navy doing back-to-back tours. Leon represents the backbone in our company, the attitude to get the job done with no excuses, he is our motor.

These were two people who came from humble beginnings, worked every day, and gave little excuses upon completing any task. Therefore, we chose this name to symbolize where we started and who we must be daily, Vi-Leon.

“The key to this business is personal relationships”

-Bob ‘Jerry Maguire”

And not to brag, but you will be hard-pressed to find a foundation of personal relationships built stronger than the ones we have at Vi-Leon.

We strive to create a positive work environment every day by being kind and showing respect to our clients, colleagues, and consultants. At Vi-Leon, we prioritize delivering personalized attention to all our clients and consultants.

Our Credo –
Mission Statement

Vi-Leon creates a supportive workplace that encourages open communication and recognizes employees with advancement opportunities, creating endless possibilities.

Our organization promotes a culture of initiative and innovation, where failure is an opportunity for growth rather than an obstacle. We discourage complacency and push our employees to reach their potential.

Vi-Leon is actively working to create an environment of accountability and disciplined decision- making to foster a culture of growth and development for the company and its employees

Core Competencies

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Why Work With Us

Vi-Leon builds client and consultant relationships with a partnership-first mindset to understand both the needs and success metrics of the organization. This includes strengths and weaknesses, goals, and motivations of our consultants. Vi-Leon doesn’t just provide the ingredients you need for success, we provide the better experience.

Our team is dedicated to anticipating upcoming needs and providing solutions accordingly. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by nurturing our network of consultants and keeping up with industry trends.

Drawing on our youth and agility, we infuse your recruitment processes with vitality. As the staffing industry lacks innovation, we sidestep traditional conventions and create new effective practices that cater to your needs.

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How We Work With
Our Consultants

At Vi Leon, we strive to build relationships with our consultants. You are more than just a valuable commodity to help us score. We instead take the time to understand your personal goals and aspirations and your professional skills to find opportunities that match both. This way, we ensure you get the most suitable work for you and your lifestyle.

We are interested in understanding the type of working environment you feel most comfortable in, what tasks you prefer, and which soft skills would be most beneficial for your next project. By being aware of these factors, we present you with opportunities that best suit your needs instead of wasting time on those that don’t.

How We Work With
Our Clients

Our recruiters strive to ensure that all our consultants have the technical and soft skills necessary to provide excellent services to our clients.

We don’t build connections with “show me the money” type talent.

As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality talent possible, we are in constant contact with our network of consultants to ensure that each meets our stringent quality standards.

However, to reach this goal, we thoroughly assess their abilities and qualifications before bringing them on board and continuously monitor their work to guarantee that all of our consultants maintain a high level of performance.

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