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“I hated myself… no, I hated my place in the world.”

– Jerry Maguire

But that isn’t it. Is It?

If other staffing firms have made you feel this way, then shame on them. We don’t just treat your career as a card in a rolodex, we handle your career as if it’s the only card in the rolodex. What you need will always come to the front of the line. Most firms don’t consider their consultants as partners, but we do.

And quite frankly, it’s not hard to view our consultants as partners. Especially when your north star is always in sight, leading the charge, and the backbone of how your company competes embodies the firm’s culture. 

We are not just a firm you work with that finds and vets opportunities for you. Instead, we are your career agent, so all you have to do is be great at what you do and sweep up everything around you.


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How We Complement
Your Skill Set

We specifically work with contract consultants, this gives us a defined lane to smooth out and continuously improve. We know what contract consultants need in their careers. We know you’re looking for project-based opportunities and are not interested in hunting for new opportunities when you complete an assignment.

At VI-Leon, we deliver a first-class experience, that’s why you never need to worry upon completing an assignment if you will have steady work coming soon after.

You bring the talent and expertise, we immediately bring you an opportunity that fits precisely what you are looking for. And when you need time off, we provide that for you as well. At Vi-Leon, we don’t just attempt to tell you that you are our priority, we show you that you are.

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