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We strive to impact our client’s businesses with deep knowledge of what they need to succeed, by becoming a part of their long-term recruiting strategies. We make a conscious effort to grow the relationship to strengthen communication. And with great communication, we can deliver exactly what you need as our client. Our project-based placement services provide reliable and practical business solutions for various organizations.

Jerry Maguire once said “What do you want from me? My soul?”

Well, we maybe we don’t give you our soul, but we make sure you receive all the talent and ability you need from our consultants

At Vi-Leon, we understand the importance of having a highly skilled technical team at the ready. Therefore, we have gathered and thoroughly evaluated some of the best in the industry for our clients to choose from. Let us help you build a dream team suited to your needs; exceptional talent is just a few clicks away.

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Our Digital Solutions Differentiation

At Vi-Leon, we prioritize creating a workplace where our employees can maximize their potential. We value open and honest communication and strive to recognize the hard work of all our workers with advancement opportunities. We’re dedicated to cultivating an environment with endless possibilities.

Our work culture encourages everyone to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. We urge our employees to take charge and make necessary changes for improvement. The fear of failure should never hold anyone back from striving for more significant progress; hence, complacency has no place in our organization.

Vi-Leon is actively working to create an environment of accountability and disciplined decision-making to foster a culture of growth and development for the company and its employees.

Migrating to
the Cloud

Our cloud technology consultants have ample experience in offering advisory services to teams developing and launching new products & services. Additionally, they also perform a design-time assessment to ensure smooth deployment.

Our expert cloud architects can provide invaluable support for businesses adopting new technology. Our experience helps organizations to effectively integrate public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We specialize in Infrastructure as a Code, Automation and Site Reliability.

Application Modernization

Our team of professionals have the expertise and experience to design and create new applications using cutting-edge tools and platforms. From harnessing the power of cutting-edge cloud services, Containerization, DevOps as well as Serverless Functions, they are also able to help you strengthen your existing applications while staying on the forefront of innovation.

Why Clients and Consultants Choose Us?

Vi Leon always puts the best interests of our clients and consultants at the forefront. We keep up with our client’s expectations and ensure that all our consultants are adequately qualified. We believe in being personal advocates for everyone we work with during the interviewing and recruitment process.

Data Analytics and
Artificial Intelligence

You are certainly aware of the immense value that your data holds, but unlocking its potential requires the expertise of a data consultant and access to cutting-edge, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Analyzing data is essential for businesses to gain a competitive edge. With access to cutting-edge, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, our data consultants can help you unlock the value of your data. They can assist with the analysis of large datasets and provide insights into customer behavior, market trends and more that can help drive strategic decisions. Our experienced consultants have the expertise to help you get the most out of your data.

Digital Solution Positions
We Deliver

  • Remediation Workstream Leads
  • Project + Program Managers
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) Writers
  • Quality Systems Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Labeling
  • Design Quality Engineers
  • CAPA Consultants
  • Validation Engineers
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Process Engineers
  • R&D Engineers
  • Biocompatibility
  • Sterilization

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