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Why Consultants Choose Us

Vi Leon stands out among other Consultancy services as we treat our consultants like family and a true part of the Vi-Leon team. We want you to think of us as your career agent working for you to ensure your current opportunity is exciting, challenging and rewarding, but also working on your next assignment.

“In life, to be honest, I failed as much as I have succeeded.”

-Jerry Maguire

However, when you arrive at Vi-Leon, you begin to succeed.

Because we hand-picked you and you hand-picked us, we have a vested interest in your success. When you need time away from work, we give it to you, when you are ready to work, we get to work for you.

At Vi-Leon, we provide something different than the typical firm experience. We give you personalized attention, almost as if you have a dedicated agent working directly with you to find roles that fit your desired career path. Therefore, working with us offers a more custom approach to your job search and provides greater assurance of success.

We are not just a firm that helps place you with projects, we are your personal
career agent

Consultants Who
Work with Us

Our consultants take great pride in their work, as they often come into unfinished projects and transform them into something practical and efficient. They relish starting with a blank canvas and creating something extraordinary.

Our consultants thrive on undertaking new projects and enjoy collaborating with different professionals to reach an objective. They prefer the producer model, which allows them to take the initiative and drive the project from start to finish.

What Are Our Clients Looking for

Our clients seek consultants who can hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. Although some orientation might be necessary, our clients prefer consultants who are passionate about their job and willing to put in the hard work to ensure the project is successful.

Our clients prioritize completion over job placement, so consultants must be aware of their availability and stick to the assigned job length. Doing so creates a positive impression of you being trustworthy and reliable, helping you stay in high demand for new assignment opportunities.

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Recruiting that Ensures
Your Success

One aspect that you will find surprisingly refreshing is our recruiting methods and our recruiters. We provide comprehensive interview preparation to ensure our consultants are confident and well-prepared before meeting the client.

It’s not just your responsibility to be ready, at Vi-Leon, we are accountable for getting you ready.

Poorly prepared candidates with inadequate knowledge of the company are detrimental to the recruitment process. And most importantly, detrimental to your career.

Vi Leon strives to provide an optimal match of role and candidate. Our team takes immense pride in preparing you for the job we believe is right for you. Moreover, our recruiters treat you as if they were your biggest supporters and ensure that your experience with us is to the utmost satisfaction.

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