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Why Clients Choose Us

We prioritize our client’s needs and provide personal attention. We understand their weaknesses and strengths and strategize on solutions to fill in any gaps while also improving upon existing processes. Our approach is to ensure that each client feels like they matter – and not just part of an assembly line of clients that receives a handshake and a “thanks for coming.”

I am a valuable commodity, I go across the middle. I see a dude coming at me, I tell myself, “catch the ball” BOO YA Touchdown!”

Rod Tidwell “Jerry Maguire”

Just like in Jerry Maguire, we are willing to go across the middle so you can score the talent that you need to succeed.

We sit down with you to understand who you are as a company, what you need, and what you need out of the team you are building.

Who Are Our Clients

Our clients desire consultants who can work in a contractual or project-based capacity and be able to deliver results with little initial guidance. They rely on us to provide exceptional personnel who can jump right into the job.

Our clients have demanding schedules, so they rely on us to deliver them the right people for their current opportunities. We make sure to provide them with hand-picked qualified candidates who have been carefully screened for cultural and technical compatibility. This ensures that they show up to the interview with a genuine interest in the position.

Vi-Leon Stats

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of our consultants who were offered a position started on project
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How We Choose Our Consultants

We are different from other large staffing firms in the way we create more personalized relationships with our consultants. We understand that the key to long-term success in their career is how your personal life affects your professional life; hence, we always ensure that our consultants have enough capacity to take on the role assigned to them.

Before adding consultants to our exclusive network, we conduct interviews to ensure they are aware of the contractual nature of the positions our client offer and that they understand the environment and requirements of each client. This is done so that everyone is on the same page before beginning any assignments.

Additionally, most of our consultants have worked with us on multiple assignments and have a proven track record of success.

How We Manage Our Network of Consultants

At Vi Leon, success isn’t just defined by placement. We put a great deal of value, if not more, on assignment completion and the quality of work our consultants put forth.

Effective communication between our consultants and clients is essential for successful project completion. With our consultants on assignment, we have established a robust communication system to maintain regular contact with our consultants and clients. This ensures that the project objectives are clear, allowing our consultants to feel better insulated when on their assignment.

Additionally, this bridge of communication helps us build relationships with both the consultant and client, which can lead to more mutually beneficial collaborations in the future.

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